F.A.Q's & Contact

You can buy your festival kit on our website!

The kits will be available on November 14th from 8am until 6pm at 192 E Lewis Street in Greensboro

Both!  The kit is designed for you and 3 friends to sample the different beers from the comfort of your own home

Each kit includes 16 craft beers, 4 limited edition t-shirts, 4 sample glasses, a bag of pretzels and the string to make your own pretzel necklaces.  Oh, and a few swag/coupons from some of your favorite local spots

Sort of.  We give you a chance to select your favorite beer style.  We have 6 to choose from.  Pick your favorite 4 and our beer experts will select some great beers within your categories for you to try!

We will be posting a virtual festival video for you to enjoy while you drink with your friends that will include musical guests, brewery tours, brewer interviews, and more!

NO!  We had to get a little creative this year because of the pandemic, but we hope to see all your beautiful faces again next summer back in the Greensboro Coliseum.

You will need your ID if you are the person who purchased the kit.  You will also need the receipt which will be in your email.  We will take care of the rest.

Yes!  Turn on E Lewis Street off of Elm Street in Greensboro.  The pick up will be on your right.  A member of the Animal Rescue and Foster Program team will get your information and check your ID.  They will direct you on where to go next to pick up your kit.  Like curbside pickup, but with beer!  What could be better?

Of course!  We are big supporters and a portion of this years proceeds will continue to go to support their work