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Brewer Guidelines

  • No beer over 15% alcohol by volume will be allowed.

  • Out-of-state breweries need to hold a Non-resident Malt Beverage Vendor Permit. Out-of-state breweries must comply with all other applicable regulations described herein, as if they were an in-state brewery. All brands sold in North Carolina are required to have a Distribution Agreement Filing Form on file with the ABC, designating a wholesaler authorized to distribute the brand in North Carolina.

    Event Participation Guidelines for Brewers and Brewery Representatives:

  • All products sold, served, or donated in NC must have Label/Product Approval . All brands must have a Distribution Agreement Filing Form on file with the ABC.

  • NC holds a zero tolerance policy on any employee or volunteer drinking any amount while working at the brewery booth. If you are behind a serving table, you will be assumed to be working.

  • You will be in violation if you were seen to have been drinking prior to your shift at the brewery booth.

  • If you are wearing your branded attire, you will be considered to be working, and not eligible to consume. Once your brewery booth shift is over, you can “unbrand” and become a festival patron and eligible to consume - however, you may not return to work in any function at the brewery booth for the remainder of the event.

  • While a brewery employee is allowed to wear branded attire at their non-profit organization festival booth, if they do, they will be considered working, and a rep for the brewery, and will be held responsible for violations.

  • A brewer or brewery representative who is not officially working may set?up and take? down their own equipment, as long as they are not participating, or coming in contact with, the service of the product in any way. Within this allowance, the
    brewer or brewery representative cannot serve any function to their booth aside
    from equipment set?up and break?down.

  • Note that care should be taken not to make test pours available (e.g. setting them on the serving table or jockey box) as this could be viewed as service, and consequently, a violation.

  • Within this provision, the brewer is advised not to bring attention to him/herself as being intoxicated.

  • If you are serving customers, quality control tasting is not allowed. However, if the brewer or brewery representative believes something is wrong (e.g. a compromised keg, or line), they should notify an on-site ALE agent and receive permission before taking a quality control sample.

  • Do not serve someone who is obviously intoxicated. If you are not comfortable making this call please ask for event security or police to assist Guidelines with Regard to Service to a Minor

  • Zero tolerance policy on serving to minors.

  • Any pouring location is considered as a point-of-sale and is subject to all NC ABC/ALE regulations.

  • Servers are required to asked for an acceptable form of identification (ID) if they have any suspicion. Acceptable forms of ID are listed below.

  • This holds true even if it is a 21+ age festival and IDs are checked at gate. Note: wristbands are not an acceptable form of ID and are not considered proof of age.

  • If you sell or give a sample to someone underage, without requesting or verifying ID, it will be considered a criminal violation and there is no defense.

  • An expired ID must have an accompanying receipt of renewal, to be accepted. Acceptable Forms of Identification (ID): In North Carolina, there are only four acceptable forms of ID you can use to buy alcoholic beverages:

  1. Current driver’s license - Currently, when drivers renew their driver’s license in our state, the NC Division of Motor Vehicles provides a paper 20-day driving certificate and then mails the permanent photo ID/driver’s license to the driver. Drivers are allowed to keep their old license until the renewed license is mailed to them. The temporary, 20-day paper license is considered a valid driver’s license, but the customer should also show their expired license along with the paper certificate when asked for identification.

  2. U.S. Military Identification - These identifications are green & white with a photograph.

  3. North Carolina Identification Card - An official State of North Carolina Special Identification (ID) card that has a photograph issued to a person who does not drive.

  4. Official passport issued by any nation. Passports may be in booklet or card form.


Unacceptable forms of ID examples : festival wristband, birth certificates, school or work ID cards, Social Security Cards, bill statements.

Please Note: Once in the venue, the beers belong to the license holder. It would be illegal to take beer or other alcoholic beverages outside the venue in any form during or after the festival.


Legal Compliance: By clicking SUBMIT, you understand and agree to comply with document(s) and verbage above outlining legal procedures with respect to the festival.