American Brewers Palate Awards

American Brewers Palate Awards 2017

The Second Annual American Brewers Palate Awards was a huge success. Check out the winners below!

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Best In Show

1st Place: Foothills Brewing “Torch Pilsner” Czech Style Lager

2nd Place: Mother Earth Brewing “Tripel Overhead” Specialty Wood-Aged Beer

3rd Place: Mother Earth Brewing “Silent Night” Wood-Aged Beer

The “Best in Show” beers were selected by our panel of BJCP National and Grand Master level judges. To even make it to the Best of Show table, the beer is already recognized as a world-class example of the beer style. To win a 1ST, 2ND, or 3RD place Best of Show confirms the beer stands out above the rest. Not only do they have no flaws and are perfect examples of the style the brewer was aiming for, but they also have those magical “intangibles” that only the best beers in the world attain.


Gold: Narragansett Brewing Company “The Temple Sticke Altbier”

American Brown Ale:

Silver: Brüeprint Brewing Company “Bruenette”

American Amber Ale:

Silver: The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery “The Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale”
Bronze: Four Saints Brewing Company “Potter’s Clay”
Bronze: Bombshell Beer Company “Lady in Red Amber Ale”

American IPA:

Gold: Bombshell Beer Company “Head Over Hops IPA”
Gold: Catawba Brewing Co. “Catawba Brewing CLT IPA”
Gold: Granite Falls Brewing Company “Hoppalachia IPA”
Silver: Foothills Brewing “Hoppyum IPA”
Silver: Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company “Monkeysphere”
Silver: The Unknown Brewing Co. “Over the Edge IPA”
Bronze: Catawba Brewing Co. “Catawba Brewing HOPness Monster IPA”
Bronze: D9 Brewing Company “Hakuna Matata Tropical IPA”
Bronze: Natty Greene’s Brewing Company “Southern Session IPA”
Bronze: Wise Man Brewing “Mountain Calling”

American Lager:

Bronze: Brüeprint Brewing Company “ZamBrueni”

American Pale Ale:

Silver: Bombshell Beer Company “Citra Pale Ale”
Bronze: Bill’s Front Porch Pub & Brewery “Citra Pale Ale”
Bronze: Brüeprint Brewing Company “Pale Brue Eyes”
Bronze: Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company “Blind Man’s Holiday”

American Porter:

Silver: New Sarum Brewing Company “Roundhouse Robust Porter”

American Stout:

Gold: The Unknown Brewing Co. “Venture”
Bronze: Gizmo Brew Works “Black Stiletto Stout”

American Strong Ale:

Silver: Railhouse Brewery “FCA”

American Wheat Beer:

Gold: Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company “Medley of Moods”

Belgian Dark Strong Ale:

Bronze: Brüeprint Brewing Company “Belgian Dark Strong”

Berliner Weisse:

Bronze: Mother Earth Brewing “Berliner Weisse”

Best Bitter:

Bronze: New Sarum Brewing Company “High Rock Red Ale”

Blonde Ale:

Bronze: Granite Falls Brewing Company “Knotty Gurl Blonde”

Brett Beer:

Gold: Brüeprint Brewing Company “Brett Saison De Brue”

Cream Ale:

Bronze: Wise Man Brewing “Scoop Dogg”

Czech Pale Lager:

Gold: Foothills Brewing “Torch Pilsner”


Silver: The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery “The Duck-Rabbator Dopplebock”

Double IPA:

Gold: Brüeprint Brewing Company “Double DribBrue”
Silver: Wise Man Brewing “Body Electric”

English Brown Ale:

Sliver: Pig Pounder Brewery “Boar Brown”

English Golden Ale:

Silver: The Unknown Brewing Co. “Pre-Game”

English IPA:

Silver: Fortnight Brewing “X-Pat IPA”

English Strong Ale:

Gold: Fortnight Brewing “Vintage Ale 2016”

Experimental Mead:

Silver: B. Nektar Meadery “Cherry Chipotle”
Bronze: B. Nektar Meadery “TUCO Style Freakout”

Flanders Red Ale:

Gold: Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. “American Sour Beer”

Fruit & Spice Beer:

Bronze: Granite Falls Brewing Company “Mustang Beach”
Bronze: New Sarum Brewing Company “Hurley Park Blood Orange Wheat”

Imperial Stout:

Gold: Foothills Brewing “Sexual Chocolate”
Silver: Granite Falls Brewing Company “Southern Revival”

Irish Red Ale:

Gold: Wise Man Brewing “Outraged Daughters”


Silver: Mother Earth Brewing “Endless River Kolsch”

Mixed Ferment Sour:

Bronze: Brüeprint Brewing Company “Summer Sour”
Bronze: Oak & Dagger “When Life Gives You Hops”

Red IPA:

Silver: Carolina Brewing Co. “Wiggo!”


Gold: Bombshell Beer Company “Rye Peppercorn Saison”
Silver: Brüeprint Brewing Company “Saison De Brue”

Specialty Cider/Perry:

Silver: B. Nektar Meadery “Zombie Killer”

Specialty IPA:

Silver: Four Saints Brewing Company “Bandwagon”

Specialty Wood-Aged:

Gold: Mother Earth Brewing “Tripel Overhead”
Silver: New Sarum Brewing “Bourbon Barrel Aged Roundhouse Robust Porter
Bronze: Bombshell Beer Company “Uber Night Barrel Aged Imperial Stout”

Spice, Herb or Veg Beer:

Bronze: Gizmo Brew Works “Scovilliaus Maximus”
Bronze: The Unknown Brewing Co. “Ginger Wheat”

Strong Bitter:

Silver: Bills Front Porch Pub And Brewery “Roundabout ESB”
Silver: Fortnight Brewing “ESB”
Silver: Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company “The Guilty Party”
Silver: Pig Pounder Brewery “Extra Special Pig”

Sweet Stout:

Gold: Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company “Cherchez La Femme”
Bronze: The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery “The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout”

Wee Heavy:

Silver: Brüeprint Brewing Company “EdinBrue”


Silver: Joymongers Brewing Co. “Joymongers Hefetrit”
Bronze: Clouds Brewing “El Hefe”

Wild Specialty Beer:

Bronze: D9 Brewing Company “Whiskers On Kittens Blonde Wild Sour Ale”
Bronze: Wise Man Brewing “Rebel Funk”

Wood-Aged Beer:

Gold: Mother Earth Brewing “Silent Night”